TNT Kit de upgrade completo para KAR98K de Snow Wolf / S&T

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The most powerful hi-end upgrade kit for Snow Wolf Kar98k from the renowned T-N.T. Studio (Taiwan). With this kit, your rifle gets everything you need: performance, accuracy and increased durability.

The kit contains 11 different parts. You will upgrade practically all internal parts in the weapon. The base consists of steel parts, machined on CNC, to increase durability. There is also a high-quality one-piece hop-up chamber that allows more precise hop-up adjustment. The special TR-HOP rubber and S+ inner barrel increase the accuracy thanks to special elements in the hop-up rubber and the inner barrel. The BB will be fired from a centered position just in front of the nozzle in the axis of the barrel, which will reduce friction of BB in barrel and allow a smooth flow of air around the BB. At the same time, the BB perfectly seals inner barrel, which in combination with improved air elements, a quality piston, power parts and a stronger spring will increase the efficiency of the use of air in the weapon. Everything is underlined by a durable steel angle sear.


With this kit you get:

increased power to 500 fps with 0.2 g (recommended for using 0,40 g BB)
more reliable loading
higher accuracy
longer range
smoother running during reloading
longer weapon life


Kit contains:

Steel/CNC Cylinder head
Steel/CNC Spring guide
Steel/CNC Spring guide stopper
Steel/CNC Correct angle sear
Aluminum/CNC Upgrade piston
T-N.T. Save effort spring
Aluminum/CNC one-piece HOP chamber
Aluminum/CNC curved HOP nub
TR-HOP bucking
T-N.T. S+ inner barrel 470mm, 6,03 mm.
O-ring x2 (barrel spacer)

Taiwanese T-N.T. Studio is a brand founded in 2004, specializing in the upgrade of sniper rifles, blowback gas guns and electricians. Whether it's hi-end gas guns from KWA, GHK or VFC, or manual sniper rifles from manufacturers such as Silverback, ST, Well or Snow Wolf, with parts from T-N.T. The studio will shoot your weapon like never before.


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